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Sfeericle began in 1997 as a label name to accompany Blunderspublik's first album Up Jumpt the Jynt Sylents. With two releases by sound artist duul_drv following shortly thereafter, sfeericle became a moniker under which an open collective of artists worked and presented their material. This work extended into the community via the occasional sfeericle event, held at the Artspace building in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The second event of this series marked one of the first remote collaborations with the Silophone project in Montreal, and also marked one of sfeericle's first forays beyond Manitoba's borders. With artists subsequently releasing material on labels such as 12k, intr_version, and Panospria, and living in various locations across Canada, the sfeericle group continues to support the releases from the members of its roster.

Latest news

  • 08/08/17: The new Blunderspublik EP Rainbow Remains is up on Bandcamp! It's a 5 track EP that collects his commissioned pieces for Bands vs. Filmmakers, along with a new track that repurposes samples from each song. Listen here!
  • 07/22/16: Velodrome - Velocity Trials available now on Bandcamp! LP released through sfeericle; check your local record store!
  • 05/30/16: The latest Velodrome LP "Velocity Trials" is at the record plant as I type! Expect a vinyl and digital release later this summer!
  • 04/29/16: Check out this video interview about the Kazoo Fest collaboration
  • 11/04/15: Curtis & Devon of the Sfeericle family have just been commissioned to create an audio/visual performance with Guelphites Jenny Omnichord and Scott Haynes for Kazoo Fest 2016
  • 07/22/15: The Blunderspublik remix of Heartbeat City will soon be available to subscribers of their mailing list!
  • 05/23/15: Blunderspublik collaborates with the talented multimedia dancer Freya Olafson tonight for Bands vs. Filmmakers 5
  • 09/16/14: The Blunderspublik EP hit #39 on the national community radio chart!
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